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World-class training on aspects of boat operation and repair.

SAFE Boats has extensive experience providing comprehensive training programs to both civilian and government customers, and from individuals to the unit level. Our training program brings operators with unprecedented experience, lessons learned and proven operational employment concepts. Since 2005, we have trained 69 US agencies, 29 countries and completed more than 1,200 days of training. Any of our available training courses can be combined to customize the content that best fits your personnel requirements, and we can develop new courses as emerging needs are identified.

Current curriculum can be found here: SAFE Training Curriculum Brochure


Leadership and experience

SAFE Boats understands that challenging maritime operations begin with highly skilled operators, support and management personnel. We bring seasoned instructors and tailored instructional techniques to help you grow integrated capabilities while mitigating risk. We work closely with our customers to develop and execute scalable exercises and training programs that enable organizations to discover, validate and prioritize core competencies that enhance mission readiness and increase survivability.
Our training program is comprised of veterans and reservists from the U.S. Marine Corps, Naval Special Warfare, U.S. Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, U.S. Army Watercraft Program and Special Operations Command, U.S. Coast Guard, law enforcement agencies, first responders and the Department of Energy.

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