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SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
Customs and Border Protection Debuts High-Speed Boat
AUGUST 1, 2016
NW Builders Continue to Launch Innovative High-Speed Craft
JULY 22, 2016
Law enforcement agencies launch 'Operation Clear Passage' on Lake Champlain
JULY 7, 2016
State Department rep touts trade deal to Kitsap businesses
JUNE 28, 2016
The American-Made Military Boats That Protect the World's Borders
JUNE 9, 2016
SAFE Boats debuts new 35 foot interceptor
JUNE 9, 2016
SAFE Boats International Unveils New Multi-Mission Interceptor
JUNE 8, 2016
SAFE Boats International unveils new Multi-Mission Interceptor (MMI) at the Multi-Agency Craft Conference
JUNE 2, 2016
'We need that power': New Interceptor vessels designed to stop smugglers built in Puget Sound
JUNE 1, 2016
It's full speed ahead for SAFE Boats in the law-and-order market