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SAFE 44 Full Cabin - Inboard
SAFE 44 Full Cabin - Inboard
SAFE 44 Full Cabin - Inboard

Full Cabin - Inboard

Ideal for longer missions and heavier seas

The SAFE Full Cabin - Inboard is our diesel jet boat. It features a wide beam design for solid performance in heavy seas, and a spacious, climate-controlled cabin for crew comfort and safety. The Full Cabin - Inboard’s design makes it capable of conducting patrols and search and rescue (SAR) operations not only in calmer, shallower seas, but also in offshore and big surf conditions. The Full Cabin Inboard is available in 36, 44 and 65 feet. The hull design enables it to perform like a much smaller, traditionally more maneuverable platform.

Full Cabin - Inboard models

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