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Extensive facility and capabilities.

In excess of 100,000 square feet, SAFE’s state-of-the-art facilities in Bremerton, WA have the capacity to produce several hundred boats per year. The SAFE Boats plant consists of three separate buildings:

  • Production and Administration
  • Customer Service, Training, and Warranty
  • Collar Fabrication/Research and Development

In addition to SAFE Boats’ facilities located in Bremerton, vessels larger than 44-feet are produced in our Large Craft Production Facility (LCPF), located in the Port of Tacoma, Washington. Originally developed to build ships for the US Navy during WWII , the LCPF provides production space as well as house offices for administration, engineering, operations and service personnel directly supporting large craft production. The facility provides ideal location to produce, launch, test and support large craft with following notable attributes:

  • Over 37,000 square feet of under roof production space facilitating the safe, efficient construction of larger craft
  • Ready access to the water. No over the road transport is required, with launch and retrieval being conducted immediately adjacent to the fabrication facilities
  • Secure moorage
  • ½ acre of fenced laydown area



  • SAFE vessels are built to exacting in-house standards as well as to ABYC and ISO standards and the rigorous standards of the U.S. military and U.S. Coast Guard. To accomplish this, we utilize the best people and equipment to build our vessels.
  • In 2010 alone, SAFE made $1.1 million investment in capital improvements (such as new routers, special-use welders and other specialty equipment, and updated technology and software) to ensure a repeatable, standards-based manufacturing process. For instance, we use high-end CNC router tables that are primarily used in the aircraft industry. These tables have the ability to work on multiple axes to exacting tolerances, creating consistent, repeatable components. From the most basic to the most complex, each cut, hole, marking and engraving is precise.
  • SAFE’s patented collar system provides all the floatation and stability of a rigid hull inflatable without the risk of deflation. Collar systems are designed, fabricated, and installed to exacting quality and environmentally friendly standards.


  • We are a highly collaborative group, with integrated design, engineering, manufacturing and QA processes. And we are constantly using in-the-field customer feedback and in-house expertise to modify and improve features and designs. Our QA process during the build as well as our detailed level of finish work ensures that SAFE vessels operate as promised the day they are delivered and for years to come.
  • SAFE is well known for having the highest quality welders in the industry. Welding is performed to American Welding Society standards, guaranteeing structural integrity, assuring crew safety, and maximizing the service life of the vessel.
  • The finishing department focuses on the final details of the boat build. From carpeting to upholstery to non-skid decking, these craftsmen work to provide the crew with a cabin that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and safe.
  • All SAFE Boats go through a comprehensive sea trail process. It begins with builder trials that allow SAFE to confirm the functionality of all systems integrated into the vessel and that the performance parameters have been met. This is followed up with customer acceptance trials that allow the end user to experience the quality and the capabilities of the vessel to ensure all customer requirements have been met.

Parts, Service and Warranty

  • At SAFE, we integrate our internally manufactured parts with vendor-supplied components to create a platform that is easy to maintain for maximum boat operational availability.
  • We have invested in the most highly certified, trained, and experienced technicians to provide service over the phone, at our facility, or in the field--whatever it takes to satisfy our customers.


  • Our team of certified instructors has the capability to train both maintenance technicians and boat operators to meet any level of operational requirement. This award-winning team can train your people here at SAFE's world-class training center or anywhere around the world.

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