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Durability, safety and value built into every vessel.

Smart people, smart processes

  • We understand customer needs. The SAFE team has diverse backgrounds in the marine industry, military, law enforcement and homeland security. This extensive field experience means we understand the challenges crews face.
  • Every customer has a dedicated project manager. Significant and frequent interaction between our project managers and our customers during the build process ensure that our boats are delivered on time, on budget and to spec.
  • Quality controls permeate every level of the manufacturing process. We build critical components such as fuel tanks in-house to maintain quality control. Computerized systems allow for continuous process of checks throughout the build process. What's more, our QA program includes extensive on-water testing prior to delivery. The result: highly reliable vessels that perform as specified, meet the standards of individual organizations, and exceed expectations of their crews.

Continual innovation

  • SAFE designs vessels for a long life of rigorous field use. We use the highest quality materials available, including a higher aluminum grade for the hull and unmatched foam quality for the collar. But we didn't stop there. It's not just the highest-grade aluminum. It's the highest-grade aluminum employed in highly innovative ways throughout the superstructure that gives our boats their maneuvering prowess, stability and speed.
  • We collaborate with key vendors in the design phase to integrate features into the boat build process. Thorough integration of equipment in key areas (such as navigation, communications, seating, doors and windows, engines and more) into the design of the boat results in a safer and more comfortable crew.
  • Our agile manufacturing process enables us to incorporate customer input easily so that vessels continue to improve year over year in subtle but meaningful ways. Examples of this include entryway widths, stowage areas for gunlocks, generator adjustments to accommodate extreme temperatures, ergonomic seating, and windshields that can be raised and lowered.


  • SAFE vessels have greater operational availability. Our exacting manufacturing process reduces costs in production and maintenance, which extends the overall life cycle of SAFE vessels and reduces maintenance needs. Fewer days without the vessel in service saves money and resources.
  • We are known for our extreme attention to detail when finishing our vessels-window seals, carpet, clean wiring, etc. This high level of finish detail translates into fewer maintenance issues.
  • SAFE is trusted by federal, state and local organizations (both domestically and internationally) to deliver on budget, on time and to spec, regardless of order size.

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