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The SAFE Advantage

Combat-inspired engineering, proven mission performance.

At SAFE Boats, we provide our customers with design concepts and engineering innovations inspired by lessons learned in thousands of real world, combat, law enforcement and first-responder operations. We build boats that empower men and women in uniform to excel at their jobs while keeping them safe.

On the Floor

From its people to its processes, SAFE Boats has the best. We employ highly qualified experts to build our boats, and we equip these professionals with the latest manufacturing tools and technology to get the job done--on time and to specification.
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In the Field

Crews love their SAFE Boats. Extensive feedback from professionals in the field confirms SAFE's reputation for building tough, reliable vessels that are comfortable to be in for long periods of time, are intuitive to operate, and that make their jobs easier.
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For the long haul

SAFE's commitment doesn't end at the sale. We offer training programs on all of our vessels, as well as warranty and service support. And because we build it right from the start, our customers incur fewer costs in replacement and maintenance.
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Take a Tour

Our facility near Seattle, in a small town adjacent to the Bremerton Naval Shipyard, is where we design, build, test and maintain our boats. Take a virtual tour of our boat-building process.
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What Makes it a SAFE Boat?

So what exactly is so great about SAFE vessels? What sets them apart from other builders? Learn more about the benefits of our collar system, the innovative hull design we have perfected, and our  workmanship.
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