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Our vessels help crews meet the challenges of their unpredictable missions.

Performance and durability

  • SAFE’s highly reliable vessels stand up to 24/7 rigorous use. Our boats combine speed, handling, safety and stability—they’re both fast and maneuverable, a critical combination in most scenarios.
  • If unforeseen circumstances (enemy fire, weather, etc.) occur, SAFE’s design and engineering features ensure the survivability of the crew and enable them to continue to perform their jobs. In the event of a catastrophic hull breach, the foam collar stabilizes the boat.
  • SAFE boats have sustained and survived seven years of direct combat exposure and have taken more combat damage while maintaining the mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom than any other boat manufacturer in the world.
  • There have been no hull failures in more than 4 million hours of operation.
  • Specific boat design features greatly increase performance and durability (such as concave strakes, speed shoe, performance fins and an angled stringer system).

Safety and comfort

  • All boats are designed for the mission specified while maximizing performance, emphasizing crew safety and offerring features that enhance crew comfort.
  • Ergonomic features on all vessels reduce crew fatigue in active, extended use scenarios, helping them maintain concentration on the mission at hand.
  • Innovations include standard shock mitigating seating, anti-fatigue matting, and a helm design that comfortably accommodates operators of different sizes.
  • SAFE vessels have several features that reduce hazards to the crew (such as custom rail systems, folding radar arches and flush decks, and a topside layout designed for ease, quickness and safety of travel around the boat by the crew).

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